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.223 Remington Premium Processed Brass(250 count)

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223 Remington brass, fully reconditioned to SAAMI .223 Remington Specification. This brass is ready to load, it has been trimmed to length, sized, deprimed, primer crimp swaged(twice), washed, and case mouth flared for easy bullet seating.  All you have to do is prime, charge with powder, seat a bullet, and crimp!  You can now save tons of time by cutting out the worst part of making your own ammo! Great care has gone into processing this material, we know you will absolutely love it! Get all the benefits of new brass at a fraction of the cost!  Spend more time shooting and less time behind the bench trimming and swaging primer pockets. 

Note:  Our original process involved all of the previous mentioned steps but we have now added an additional pass through our machinery just to swage the primer pockets a second time.  To make sure we removed 100% of the crimped pockets we have added the final step of a 2nd pass just to ensure we give our customers processed brass that will prime reliably.  We were finding that a single pass to remove the primer crimp was fine for 99% of our customers, the few that were using softer primers such as Federal, were experiencing crushed primers and other swage related issues.  After having spoken to them and finding that a soft primer was the common thread in each issue, we decided to just double swage all of our .223 Remington brass.  We have not raised the price even though this adds an additional hour of labor to each thousand pieces we process.  

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Volume Discounts As Follows:

500 count, 2 units in cart: $55.00($27.50/250)

1000 count, 4 units in cart: $88.00($22.00/250)

1500 count, 6 units in cart: $120.00($80.00/K)

2500 count, 10 units in cart: $190.00($76.00/K)



.223 Remington Premium Processed Brass(250 count)

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250 pieces per unit.

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5 out of 5
Bought 1500. Fast shipping. Nice shiny brass. Mixed headstamps.
Hand primed 100 with CCI41's, all went in smoothly.
In the first 100 there were no bad pieces.
Perfect brass for pumping lead down range.
Cheap enough I won't go crazy looking for that last piece at the range.