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357 magnum fired brass(250 count) FREE TUMBLE CLEANING!

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All indoor shot and stored 357 magnum fired brass, tumble cleaned and fully sorted to remove any nickel plated brass.  As we have mentioned on other product pages regarding our brass, this material is 3 times sorted mechanically and 2 times sorted by hand to remove any damages, lives, or foreign calibers.  The key component to our sorting process when dealing with either 38 special or 357 magnum is having a machine in house that sorts by height.  The accuracy of our 357 magnum sort is exceptional due to the fact that we are able to sort not only by case diameter but also by height.  We are tumble cleaning this material to a nice shine and as with all of our brass we are adding 2% to the overall wieght of the order to ensure you get your money's worth.  The headstamps in this brass include but are not limited to Remington, Federal, Speer, Winchester, and Starline.  You can purchase this brass with absolute confidence in overall quality, accuracy of sort, and cleanliness. 

Quantity Discount as follows:

500 count, 2 units in cart: $46.00 ($23.00/250)

1000 count, 4 units in cart: $80.00 ($20.00/250)

2500 count, 10 units in cart: $75.00 per K, $187.50 ($18.75/250)

357 magnum fired brass(250 count) FREE TUMBLE CLEANING!

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250 pieces per unit.

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1 out of 5
FAST..no sooner then I hit the enter key and the mailman was at my door. Nice Work. A nice box full of 357 brass ready for the reloading bench. No duds so far, all clean and shiny brass ready for reloading.
5 out of 5
Finally someone selling 357 mag brass for a reasonable price. So many vendors are selling it for equal to or more than I could buy new stuff. The package had an inner box and shrink wrap so the post office couldn't mess this one up. Good job Nick!
5 out of 5
Got my brass and it looks great. Lots of federal's which I like, box was armored. The brass was very clean, 20 minutes in my lyman tumbler and it looked like new. No more new brass for this guy!